Step 1
Go to the site you're interested in. Hit the Search tasks button at the top of the page. A list of tasks that are available on your Site will then appear.

Step 2
If you're being audited, ask the EHO or internal auditor which compliance check they would like to view? 

There are several ways to search for your tasks. You can:

a. Select the task from the list

b. Type the task name in the search field at the top right hand corner of the page

c. Filter the list of tasks by selecting tags on the left-hand side of your page

Step 3
Once you have found the desired task, you can select it to jump to today's record, or hit History to see a list of the last 30 records.

If you need to export this information, you can then use the browser "File > Print" function to print all your tasks or save to PDF. 

If the EHO would like to see the task on your Trail, simply select "View on day" on the desired task and it will automatically take you to the day the task was completed.

If the tasks are coming up with blank tick boxes, you will need to check your print settings and make sure that background graphics are enabled - this should solve the problem. 

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