Search and view the history of a task

Useful for EHO visits or internal auditing

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Our Reports tab and exporting feature is available on The Standard Plan, find out more about reports & exporting here.

How do I view the history of a specific task?

  • Go to the Complete Tasks page of the site you're interested in

  • Hit the Search Tasks button at the top of the page

  • Remove the filter that says today using the small ‘x’ or select the desired date range

  • Select ‘Add Filter’ followed by ‘Tasks’ - this will give you a list of all of the tasks on your Trail

  • Select the task title needed

  • Hit ‘Show’ to select which task data to view

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For mobile users:
On the Complete Tasks page hit the magnifying glass, which will take you to the Search Tasks section.

Use the search field at the top or hit the blue icon to the right to choose a filter:

Don't forget to hit 'Show' and select all applicable choices to see all of the task information:

Can’t see the Show option? If you’re on mobile, you might need to hit the blue filter icon to reveal it.

How do I view my completed tasks?

  • Go to the Complete Tasks page of the site you're interested in.

  • Hit the Search Tasks button at the top of the page.

  • This will bring up today's tasks for you to view.

Specific tasks can be searched for using the Search field or the Task Filter:

To view a specific set of completed tasks Filters can be chosen, such as:

  • Date - Choose this filter to view tasks between a specific date range or use the shortcuts to quickly view tasks for Today, Yesterday or the Last 30 Days

  • Tasks - Select to view a specific task or a selection of tasks (e.g. Fridge & Freezer Temperature Checks)

  • Status - This refers to the task status, select this to view tasks completed on time, late, early or missed

  • Tags - Select this to view tasks from a specific tag, more on tags here

Standard Plan customers will have additional filters to choose from:

  • Exceptions - Choose to view tasks that have been completed with an exception, more on exceptions here

  • Actions - This filter will allow you to see any actions that have been raised from completed tasks

💡 Tip: Once the desired filters have been selected - don't forget to choose to hit the 'Show' button to view all of the task content.

How do I view a whole day's records in Trail?

View a specific day

  • Head to the Complete Tasks page of the site you're interested in.

  • Use the date selector at the top to navigate to the desired date, or use the arrows to go through day by day.

View a range of dates

You can also use the Search Tasks section to view a specific day or a range of dates. Just go to Search tasks and filter from there:

I’m being audited - what do I do?

If you're being audited, ask the EHO or internal auditor which compliance check they would like to view.

View a specific day

Auditors can view tasks by day using the Calendar feature on the Complete Tasks page to navigate back and view days as a whole.

View a range of dates and data

Auditors can also select the appropriate filters based on what they would like to see to view your completed task data.

How do I print out completed tasks?

If you need to print your completed checks, this can be done from the browser. Click "File” and then “Print" or hit the keyboard shortcut "CTRL" + "P" to print all your tasks or save them as a PDF.

💡 Note: If the tasks are coming up with blank tick boxes, you will need to check your print settings and make sure that background graphics are enabled - this should solve the problem.

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