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How do I complete a record log?
How do I complete a record log?

How to update lists of equipment or food in existing data capture Record Logs

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Field Types

How data is updated in Record Logs will depend on what kind of field they are.
Read an overview of Record Logs and field types here.

A Record Log can have multiple Records for each task. Think of these like new rows on a table. (E.g. 3 rows of fridges, for recording data on 3 different fridges)

Each Record is made up of a series of fields. Each field can be one of four types: Text, Number, Options, File or Photo and Section Title.

Update a Text field

  • For example: Fridge/Freezer name

  • To change a list of items that have been entered as free text (e.g. names of fridges) simply update the item(s) you want to change. 

  • If the field has been set to repeat, the new value will be present for future versions of the task if the task has been marked as done.

Update an Options field

  • For example: Equipment type

  • Select from the relevant options provided

  • Admins can make a change to the list of options from the edit Task page

Update a Number field

  • For example: Temperature

  • Simply enter the value in the box provided

  • If you enter a value outside the acceptable, set range - a warning will pop up

  • Admins can set an acceptable max. and min. range from the edit Task page

If fields are locked to managers and admins

Note - Record Logs have 2 views

  • Form view, for entering data

  • Table view, for reviewing data

Switch between the views using the buttons to the top-right of the Record Log.

Changes to your Record Log (Team and Standard plans only)

  • If you would like your Record Log adapted, please discuss with your Trail Admins/Head Office

  • If you're unsure as to who that is, shoot us a message via the intercom chat - our support team will loop in the relevant person for you

  • Admins can make Record Log changes - here's an article for more information

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