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View and manage your invoices
View and manage your invoices
Find out how you can access and update your Invoice details
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Accessing your Invoices

You can access your invoices at any time via the Stripe Portal link in the billing panel - this will be visible to you once you have activated and start receiving invoices.

Invoices will be sent to the organisation billing email that is listed in the Billing Panel. We recommend that the billing contact has Admin access in Trail so they can access the Billing Panel and make any changes or download invoices if needed.

Invoice FAQ’s

  • What is Unused Time / Used Time? How do pro rata charges work?

    If you set a new site live in the middle of your billing cycle you’ll only be charged for the number of days that site has been live in your Trail. This will appear in your next invoice as Unused Time (the charge for all your sites during that period) and Used Time (the charge for sites you have already paid for during that period). More info on setting sites live here.

  • Where can I find my invoices?

    You will be emailed your invoices directly - check the right person is being emailed.

    If you’re an admin within Trail, you can access your invoices via the Billing panel in your account. Click on the ‘Strip portal’ where you can view or download your past invoices.

  • I need a PO number to show on my invoices

    Contact and they will add this PO number to your subscription

  • How do I change billing address on invoices?

    If the billing email or address information is not correct you can change this via the Stripe Portal link in the Billing Panel:


    Click on the Update Information link under Billing Information.


    Finally you will be prompted to update your email, invoice address, and VAT ID. Once the information has been entered click save. This will automatically update your account.


    If you do not have access to the Billing Panel please request an organisation Admin to make this change for you. Alternatively please contact and we can manually update.

  • Can I update my VAT number?

    Please forward your VAT number to and they will add your VAT number to your billing account.

    If you are a member of an EU country, VAT will be charged on a reverse charge basis as long as you supply us with your VAT number. If you do not supply a VAT number we will charge VAT at your country’s standard rate.

    Trail’s VAT number is GB108221356

  • I can’t find my answer here or I want to dispute with my bank

    Please contact or before disputing with your bank.

    We will happily resolve any issue that you have, and will issue a credit or refund if there is an error with your billing. Chargebacks should only be used as a last resort or in the case of genuine fraud.

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