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Why aren’t my tasks showing up for completion?
Why aren’t my tasks showing up for completion?

Expecting to see a task that’s not there? Here are the usual culprits.

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Expecting to see a task which isn't there? Below are some tips that might help!

Has the task been published?

In order to appear on your site pages tasks first need to be published.

If a task has been left as a draft or temporarily archived, your teams won't see it even if you’ve assigned it to their sites.

You can head to the Manage Tasks page to view the status of your tasks or click here to read more about task statuses.

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Was the task published today?

Trail tasks populate once at the beginning of each day.

If the task is published but not appearing for the sites, it’s likely that the task’s due time has elapsed.

The first instance of the new task will populate from tomorrow to ensure that your team has the time they need to complete it.

Use the date selector from the Complete Tasks page to view tomorrow’s tasks and confirm changes that were published today.

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Is a tag restricting your task view?

Looking for a task on the Complete Tasks page but can't find it?

That could be because you’re viewing a particular subset of tasks that don’t include the one you’re looking for.

It’s worth checking to see if any filters have been applied on the complete tasks page. Filters have to be manually deselected to show hidden tasks.

You can find more info on tags here.

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Is the task assigned to the correct site?

Tasks have to be assigned to a site to appear in the listing on the Complete Tasks page.

You can check if a task has been assigned to a site on the Manage Tasks page in the summary of the task, or by heading to the 'Assign' section of the Task Editor.

Click here to learn more about assigning tasks to sites.

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Is the task scheduled correctly? (One-Offs)

Tasks that haven’t been assigned a schedule will default to a “One-Off” task.

This means a task will be scheduled for the day it was created and will not appear in the listing again.

Our Manage Tasks page groups tasks by schedule, so you can see if any tasks are scheduled as a “One-Off”.

Here’s some extra help on scheduling tasks!

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Are your time slots open in your business hours settings?

Tasks scheduled in closed time slots won’t appear for completion. It’s worth checking which time slot a task has been scheduled for against the business hours for that day.

Here’s an article with more info on business hours.

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Still stuck?

Just click the chat at the bottom of your screen and we’ll give you a hand!

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