If you're struggling to make heads or tails of some phrases, we've put together a guide summarising the basics

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Having read through the definitions and the recommended Help Centre Articles, feel free to reach out over the in app support if you're still unsure on anything!

Trial & Activation

Free Trial


  • A subscription is activated when we have a valid payment method - you won't be charged until your trial is over and you go live in their first site

  • Head to your billing page to Activate your Subscription


  • Solo - For managers at 1 site digitising their paperwork

  • Team - For small business owners with more control & accountability

  • Standard - For operators maintaining consistently high standard

Site Statuses

Setting Up

  • This is the period within your free trial, where you’re setting up your Sites, Users and Task Content

  • Tasks are created and can be tested ahead of going live

  • Sites in this stage are not included in reports and are free until the live date


  • A Demo Site gives you free reign to test tasks and train teams

  • It's not included in reports and is completely free

Live Date

  • A Live Date is when your sites will start completing Tasks using Trail at that site

  • Future Live Dates are useful for planning a rollout - the site will automatically change to Live, on the day

  • After this date, your site is now Live and chargeable

Live Site

  • This is a chargeable site, where tasks have been assigned and are available to complete

  • Data is captured and included in reports

  • You can set this Site to ‘Inactive’ by heading to Site Settings and ‘Deactivating’

Deactivate > Inactive Site

  • By deactivating your site, billing will be automatically paused and your site will become ‘Inactive’

  • You can still manage Task Content and Users, but no tasks can be completed until a new Live Date is set

  • These sites will be excluded from reporting

  • Perfect status for intermittent opening/closing due to Government restrictions where longer term closures are expected

  • See ‘Closed Days’ below for more on shorter term closures

Archive Site

  • Tasks will not be created, and the site won't be included in reports

  • Historical data is still available

  • Tasks and Users can't be assigned, and it's not included in the subscription count

Delete Site

  • Deleting a site will remove it permanently, you'll no longer have access to the records and it can't be recovered


  • A way to group together various sites so that they’re all in 1 place under an area name

  • Ideal for individuals in charge of multiple sites, where the area is named after the Area Manager

  • Ideal for grouping together sites in a similar geographical area, where the area is named after the region


Active User

  • This individual has accepted their invite and has an active account to complete actions on Trail with

Trail Champion

  • Identify an internal Trail champion who will fly the flag for Trail within your organisation - they'll be the main point of contact for the Trail team moving forwards

  • They...

Train the teams who'll be using Trail

Manage task content & schedules

Set up business hours & time slots

Create sites & set Live dates

Invite managers & teams

Respond to site requests

  • Admins - The people who configure how Trail works, similar to Admins

  • Managers - The people who run and monitor Sites

  • Team Users - The people who complete tasks at Sites


Manage Tasks

  • Where you’ll find and manage all your Company’s tasks, including ad hoc tasks

  • Head here to ‘create a new task’ or edit existing ones

  • Head here to assign/unassign certain task(s) to certain site(s)

Task Editor

  • Your 1 stop shop for what, when, where and who your Tasks relate to

  • You can play around with your:

Content - where you'll configure what you want your teams to see, including; title, description, checklists and record logs to enter data.

Schedule - this is where you decide when you want your task to be completed, eg daily/ad hoc

Assign - to specify where you want your task to be seen

Report - to determine who needs to know when the task has been done

Record Log

  • A Record Log is attached to a task

  • When you create a new task, there is a drop down list of available Record Logs which will be in a ‘form’ like format and is what captures your data on site, eg. Temperature Checks

Complete Tasks

  • Where you’ll select your Site name and see all your tasks that need completing for the day, aka, your site’s trail

Ad Hoc Tasks

  • Sometimes you'll need to create a task that’s completed on an ad-hoc basis, rather than on planned intervals, e.g Food Poisoning Reports

  • These won't be on your daily view of Trail but can be added by staff as required when in ‘Complete Tasks’

  • Read about the ‘task editor’ above to learn how to make an ad hoc task

Templates vs My Tasks

  • The Templates page is a collection of common tasks we've built to help you set up

  • You can adapt existing checks, or copy them as they are, and assign to your sites to complete

  • My Tasks is your own personal library where you'll find all the tasks that you've created or adapted from Trail templates

Business Hours

Time Slots

  • A set time period you can customise in your Site settings, eg:

Open - 6:00 - 7:00

Morning - 7:00 - 12:00

Lunch - 12:00 - 13:00

  • If you have different opening hours across days or sites, time slots make scheduling tasks so that they appear at the right time, much easier

  • You can also close a time slot completely via your site business hour settings by clicking the adjacent check box - no tasks will appear in this period

Closed Days

  • For one off occurrences eg. if you’re closed for refurbishment/Christmas Eve, head to your Site settings calendar view and set a day as ‘closed’

  • For more regular occurrences, e.g closed every Monday, head to your business hours rather than the calendar view, to select ‘closed all day’

  • No tasks will appear on this days, so no scoring either

Reporting (Standard Plan only)

Daily Digest

  • The daily digest arrives each morning showing how your team has performed the previous day, with scores for each site

  • Teams see just one site, Managers can see multiple and Admins will see all sites


  • Site scores give a numerical value to a site's performance to allow for benchmarking

  • 10 points for completed on time, 5 for late and 0 points for incomplete

  • The totals are then split over the number of tasks to produce a final average out of 10

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